Dear Friend,

In southern Louisiana we are engaged in the fight of our lives - and for our lives.  Our coast is literally washing away, diminishing the buffer zone that helps protect New Orleans and coastal communities from hurricanes and storm surge flooding.  One of the major contributors to this coastal erosion has been the drilling and dredging operations of the oil industry.  Their permits and the law require them to repair their damage, but for decades they have refused to clean up after themselves. Meanwhile, we are losing a chunk of land the size of a football field every 50 minutes.

Recently, the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East, the levee board responsible for protecting most of metro New Orleans, filed suit against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies demanding that they pay to fix the damage that their operations have wreaked on our coastal wetlands over the decades.  The law and the science are crystal clear and the industry and Gov. Bobby Jindal know that if the case goes to a jury, they will lose.  That’s why they have pledged to kill the lawsuit when the legislature convenes again in March.  They want you, the taxpayer, to pay for the misdeeds of the oil industry.

In recent weeks, Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes have also filed suit against the oil companies.  Other communities are about to do the same and the industry wants the legislature to kill these suits, too.

Because the lawsuit was my idea, the governor replaced me on the board.  But I’m not going away.  With others who believe the industry should fix what it broke, I have formed Restore Louisiana Now.  Our goal is to keep the legislature from intervening in the lawsuits and hold the industry accountable.  To do that, we need your support.

John Barry
President RLN

The truth is on our side, but time isn’t.  It would be great to have lots of large contributions, but, just as important, we need something, anything from you to demonstrate to our governor, our legislators and our fellow citizens that we are determined to let justice take its course and allow the courts to hear this case. 

John Barry and other board members will receive no salary from RLN and are doing this from the heart.  Please donate whatever amount you can using the simple form below, or send a check to:

Restore Louisiana Now
6221 S. Claiborne Ave. Box 626
New Orleans, LA 70125

And please follow us on twitter at @RestoreLA_Now and on Facebook at