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Tide Turning on Oil Industry

It took a while, but the resistance is making headway.

The occupying forces, while not exactly on the run, may soon be forced to the negotiating table. The quisling government is starting to look rattled. Citizens want their country back.

Such is the current condition of Louisiana, which has been under the foreign heel of oil and gas so long that recompense for the massive destruction and exploitation seemed out of the question. Toxins leached into the shrinking wetlands and natural flood barriers washed away, but oil and gas were abundant and politicians cheap. The companies extracted billions of dollars and doubtless regarded the natives with contempt.

They still have some powerful collaborators, Gov. Bobby Jindal chief among them. But the tide seems to be turning.

Source: James Gill / The New Orleans Advocate

John Barry Explains Creation of Restore Louisiana Now Non-profit Organization

John Barry speaking about the formation of Restore Louisiana Now. 

Source: Mark Schleifstein / NOLA.com

Ousted Flood Authority Member Launches Nonprofit to Support Lawsuit

Advocates for the East Bank levee authority’s suit against oil and gas companies on Tuesday officially launched a nonprofit group aimed at blocking possible legislative interference with the suit and shoring up support for other similar efforts.

The new group, Restore Louisiana Now, primarily will focus on holding energy companies accountable for widespread damage to coastal wetlands caused by oil and gas exploration, said former Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority — East Commissioner John Barry, the group’s president.

Source: Jeff Adelson / The Advocate 

Conflicts Galore

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SLFPA-E) meets this Thursday morning to consider scuttling — or doubling down on — its environmental lawsuit against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies. One of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s new appointees, lawyer Joe Hassinger, has said he plans to introduce a motion to suspend the suit. It didn’t take him long to pass his “litmus test” for Jindal and “coastal czar” Garret Graves.

Source: Clancy DuBos / Gambit

Companies Should Fix What They Break

That’s right. Our anti-tax governor wants taxpayers to pay to fix what was broken by the most profitable industry in the history of the world.

The SLFPAE is simply asking — in fact, demanding — that the oil companies fix what they broke. Let the courts decide who’s right. This is something everyone in Louisiana should support.

Source: John Barry / Shreveport Times


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