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Jindal Has More Snakes Than He Can Kill with Coastal Lawsuits Against Oil Companies

For a governor who raked in more than $20 million in his three campaigns, $421,750 seems an awfully cheap price for which to sell out the state’s chance to withstand the onslaught of coastal erosion.

Source: Louisiana Voice

Louisiana's Grand Bargain?

The recent environmental lawsuits filed by Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes against dozens of energy companies could not come at a better time for supporters of an earlier suit by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SLFPA-E). But that doesn’t mean Gov. Bobby Jindal won’t still try to kill flood authority’s suit.

Source: Clancy DuBos / Gambit

Jefferson, Plaquemines File Coastal Erosion Lawsuits Against Oil, Gas Companies

Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes have filed a set of nearly 30 lawsuits alleging dozens of energy companies and their contractors destroyed and polluted the parishes’ coastal areas, mirroring the philosophy, if not the exact tactics, of a suit a local levee district filed this summer seeking to bring the oil and gas industry to account.

Jefferson, Plaquemines Parishes File Wetland Damage Lawsuits Against Dozens of Oil, Gas, Pipeline Companies

Attorneys representing Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes have filed several lawsuits in state courts demanding that dozens of oil, gas and pipeline companies repair damage caused by dredging and other operations, and remove waste materials that were improperly disposed in wetlands, all in violation of the terms of permits allowing them to operate in each parish’s “coastal zone.”

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